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Transportation Expectations


Center for Success Transportation Expectations


*Please read through the expectations below before completing the Transportation Request Form in the link below.

  1. Observe ALL conduct expectations as stated in the LISD Student Code of Conduct.

  2. Remain seated in the seat assigned to me by the CFS bus monitor or bus driver without argument or complaint while riding the CFS bus.

  3. Cooperate, comply with, and remain respectful to the bus driver/monitors at all times.

  4. NOT be destructive of school property.

  5. Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus at all times.

  6. There will be absolutely NO use of profanity/racial slurs on the bus.  Talking is not permitted on the DAEP bus unless asked to speak by the driver or monitor.

  7. There will be absolutely NO phones or electronic devices or any kind allowed on the bus.  If present they will be taken up and given to the DAEP Coordinator.

  8. Hooded jackets of any kind are not allowed on the DAEP bus.

  9. No eating/drinking on the bus. (No open containers of any kind.)

  10. Keep the bus clean.

  11. If the bus is equipped with seatbelts these must be worn at all times will on the bus.

**Once both you and your child has read the above bus expectations please complete the Transportation Request Form below.