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Athletic Booster Club

Liberty Athletics Booster Club Board Members

President- Malcom Goudeau

Vice President- Bruce George

Treasurer- Nina Johnston

Secretary- Staci Tulley

Promotions/Publicity Coordinator- Janna Moody

Social Media Coordinator- Ange Payne

Football Coordinator- Wade Tulley

The Liberty Athletic Booster Club (LABC) is an organization that supports all sports programs at Liberty Independent School District (LISD). Support is achieved by raising funds through various activities throughout the year. Funds are used to enhance the sports programs each year, which in turn helps all students who participate in any LISD sport. Contributions to our teams have included uniforms, sports equipment, and meals for traveling teams to name a few.

LABC is organized and run by volunteer parents, who coordinate with the Athletic Director, high school coaches, and middle school coaches to determine the needs of each sports program at LISD. Like most volunteer groups, LABC is always in need of more volunteers. How better to support your child and their team, than by becoming a member and volunteering for your Booster Club?

Currently, the Booster Club supports the following sports at LISD: Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheer, Prancers, Athletic Trainers, Basketball, Track, Softball, Baseball, Tennis, Powerlifting, Golf, and Soccer.

LABC starts our year by selling annual Memberships, which is a major part of our annual fundraising. Once games begin for each sport, Booster Club runs the majority of concession stands for our teams. We typically ask for a parent volunteer for each sport to help us coordinate volunteers for Home concessions. LABC sells Panther merchandise and Sports programs throughout the year promoting Panther Pride!

We hold meetings once per month, and members get a monthly email reminder. Be a part of our planning for this year! Volunteering not only supports your child’s team; it also helps build our Panther family!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact a LABC Board member.

General Information Email: