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A message from LHS counselors

Posted Date: 11/17/2021


Applying to college is a process, but you have a team here at LHS to make it easy and understandable. Mr. German, Mrs. Broussard, Mrs. Myers and myself are willing and ready to help! There are a few Texas colleges and universities that have an application deadline of December 1st so it's time to finish up and get your applications submitted.


The Apply Texas application is a great way to apply to almost all Texas colleges and universities in one place. This Apply Texas Checklist is a great place to start! Or check out the Six Steps to Completing the Apply Texas Application.


The Thanksgiving holiday will be a great time to refresh, but also reflect on your college decision. Make your final decisions on where you want to apply, wrap up your Apply Texas college applications, and hit SUBMIT. That’s it! Congratulations - you’ve officially applied to college!