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Computer Science I Syllabus
Welcome to the world of Computer Science! There are four main modules that we will be covering.
• Scratch: Start on Day One with this module. It’s fun and easy, and it will get you really excited about computer science.
• Jeroo: This cool programming platform is scripted and object oriented, yet with a simple graphic display making it fun to explore computer science by solving various problems and challenges.
• Offline topics: This module discusses various offline topics dealing with digital citizenship, ethics, online safety, and so on.
• Java: Once you have warmed up your computational thinking chops on Scratch and Jeroo, you will be ready for a more rigorous and powerful programming platform. Java certainly fits the bill. The next 8 lesson groups will cover the remainder of the year during which time you will explore the basics of programming, including output, input, data types, operators, variables, conditionals, methods, iteration, the fundamentals of OOP, and simple data structures. Completion of this sequence of study will get you about 75% of the way to the CS A AP test, which in a second year of study will be well within your reach.
What to Expect
We will be using the computer lab in the library. Please make sure that your computer use forms are on file.
We will be programming with Scratch, Jeroo and Java. I promise that if you complete all work on time you will pass the class. We are going to have a lot of FUN!