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What college or university should I choose?

over 2 years ago

Choosing a College or University

Many websites allow students to choose colleges based on multiple criteria.  Try the links below for more information.

Narrowing Down College Choices (article)

Action Plans for High School Students

over 2 years ago

Many people ask the question, "What can I be doing so I will be prepared to go to college?" College Board has a plan for each level of student with helpful hints and timelines.  

Action Plan For 9th Grade

Action Plan For 10th Grade

Action Plan For 11th Grade

Action Plan For 12th Grade

By School ADM

Financial Aid

over 2 years ago

CEEB Code: 444155

College For All Texans

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The information for the application will be based on the year's income tax returns.  Through this application, eligibility is determined for grants, work-study and loans.  Some scholarship applications may require the FAFSA to be completed to determine eligibility. See Financial Aid link below.

Letters of Recommendation

about 1 year ago

Student Information Sheet for Letter of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation

Get several letters of recommendation from adults, teachers, ministers or other adults that you will need in many of your applications for scholarships. Provide the person giving you the recommendation the student information sheet listing:

1. Clubs to which you belong and offices held

2. Extra Curricular activities/ hobbies

3. Honors received

4. Goals after graduation from college

5. Leadership roles

This information will help them write a better recommendation for you.

How to Budget Effectively for College