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Best Mattress Reviews Scholarship

Click here for more information. 

NSBE Houston Professionals Scholarship

This year, we are excited to announce our annual scholarship banquet where we will award local high school seniors and active undergraduate and master students. Apply or forward the application form to a deserving student!

All applications must be received by March 31, 11:59 pm. Email completed applications with supporting documents to the pre-college initiative chair at

Download the 2017 Scholarship Application HERE

An exciting opportunity for all graduating seniors on your campus to receive one of multiple scholarships that Texas Hospitality Association is offering. The scholarship has absolutely no prerequisites, so anyone can apply regardless of ethnicity, economic background, or extracurricular activities. The four scholarships being given away are in the amount of $5,000, $2,500, $1,500, and $1,000. 

Applicants must create a poster than promotes awareness about underage drinking. The theme of the poster must be: "If you are under the age of 21, it is illegal to consume or purchase alcohol from the state of Texas." Attached is a flyer with specific contest rules. 

It would be wonderful if you could spread the word about this opportunity to all of your seniors. As a recent high school graduate and current student at UT, I know how important financial resources are for students wanting to go to college. Again, no resume is required, and the selection process is "blind," therefore the only thing looked at is the poster itself. 

If you have any questions, please contact myself or visit our website at 

The Liberty Elks lodge is giving away two $500 scholarships this year. One $500 each, to a male, and one female student.

For your convenience, 


I have attached a blank scholarship so you may forward, or present, to students that would like, the opportunity, to apply.  This is a local scholarship. Applicants must be Seniors from Liberty County to apply.

Dead line for turning in the application is April 7th, 2017. For questions call Benny Earp 936-334-4226

Click here for application. 

Lamar University Smith-Hutson Scholarship.  Click here for application instructions. 

All applicants must:

(1) Be a resident of the state of Texas.

(2) Satisfy admission requirements for Lamar University and have applied or been accepted for admission for Fall 2017.

(3) Demonstrate financial need supported with complete copies of their guardian's Form 1040 tax returns for the 2014 and 2015 tax years and their guardian's W-2 forms for the 2016 tax year.

(4) Provide a personal essay describing career goals (maximum two pages double-spaced and one-sided).

(5) Provide two letters of recommendation from non-family members addressing academic potential and/or financial need (it is preferable that at least one of these letters come from a teacher of English or Mathematics in whose class(es) they were enrolled in the last year).

(6) Provide an updated high school transcript.

(7) Be unmarried with no children.

(8) Be available for a personal interview in April 2017


$2,000 Niche "No Essay" Scholarship. Click here to apply

160 Riders High School Scholarship. Click here to apply. 

Society of Women Engineers - Houston Scholarship: Click here for more information. 

Aspiring Business Professional Scholarship: Click here for more information

Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship Program: Click here for more information. 

Junior League of Beaumont, "Women Building Better Communities Award" scholarship: Click here for more information. 

Southeast Texas Independent Cattlemen's Association Scholarship: Click here for more information. Application is available in the Counselor's Office. 

Juliet Tyner Memorial Scholarship: Click here for more information. Application is available in the Counselor's Office. 

Project Joy & Hope Scholarship: Click here for more information. Application is available in the Counselor's Office. 

Local Scholarships

This scholarship information is based on scholarships offered in previous years. This list may be amended based on what is/is not offered this current year. More detailed information will be provided as application dates become available. The LHS Local Scholarship Application will be available February 2017.

Bellamy Scholarship - applications distributed to the top 10% of the senior class and returned to First Liberty National Bank

Bill Griffin Sr. Scholarship - based on academic achievement, strong character, and financial need -  local scholarship application

Byron Jeffrey Scholarship - highest average in English, math, science, and social studies (seven semesters) - local scholarship application

Chris Fregia Memorial Scholarship - local scholarship application

Cleveland Livestock Show and Dairy Day - applicant must have shown in Cleveland

Dawn Fourticq Memorial Scholarship - top 25%, exemplifies citizenship and responsibility - local scholarship application

Do-Re-Me Scholarships - LHS choir booster club

Dr. Frank S. Griffin Scholarship - local scholarship application

Earl and Mary Lou Rice Scholarship - GPA of  B or better, full time college student - local scholarship application

Elaine Pruett Memorial Scholarship - local scholarship application

Elks Lodge Scholarship - based on financial need and academic achievement

Felix Odum Memorial Scholarship -  local scholarship application

Golden Achievement Award - based on financial need - local scholarship application

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Metropolitan Scholarship - online application

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Opportunity Scholarship - online application

Horace Calvert - John David Martin III Memorial Scholarship - golf scholarship

Jim and Betty Sterling Reveille Scholarship - must be accepted to A&M (College Station or Galveston) and be a member of the Corp of Cadets

Joseph B. Regen Scholarship - based on financial need -  local scholarship application

Juliet Tyner Memorial Scholarship - applications given to baseball and softball coaches to distribute

KSHN - M.J. Leonard Award - a senior who is in Athletics and demonstrates citizenship and leadership; Coaches committee selects winner

Lamar Institute of Technology

Liberty County A&M Club Scholarship - must he accepted to A&M - specific application

Liberty County Aggie Mom’s Club - must be accepted to A&M - specific application

Liberty Food Service Scholarship - local scholarship application

Liberty Young Farmers

Lion’s Club

Myra Elizabeth “Lisa” Allison Scholarship - local scholarship application

Paul Daniels Scholarship-must be in the top 25% and exemplify good character, citizenship, and involvement in extracurricular activities: based on financial need  - local scholarship application

Prancer Service Organization - selected by the Prancer Booster Club

Richard E. Vinson Memorial Scholarship -  local scholarship application

Rick Mearns Scholarship -  local scholarship application

Sonya Boyt Scholarship - awarded to the senior with the highest seven semester English average - local scholarship application

TEA Honor Grad Certificate - given to the valedictorian: certificate to pay public university tuition

Trinity Valley Exposition – must have participated in TVE - specific application

University Interscholastic League Scholarship - participate in state UIL meet

Voris Burch Scholarship - awarded to a senior who exemplifies integrity, motivation, responsibility and community service - local scholarship application

W. J. Harlan Scholarship-based on highest average, all honors (seven semesters) in Algebra, Pre-Cal. Geometry, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry  - local scholarship application

W. L. Melaski Scholarship - top math students, nominated by math teacher financial need  - local scholarship application

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