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Preparing for College 

Action plans for each grade level

Many people ask the question, "What can I be doing so I will be prepared to go to college?" The Collegeboard has a plan for each level of student with helpful hits and timelines. Click on the link for more information.

Action Plan For Sophomores

Action Plan For Juniors

Action Plan For Seniors

Letters of Recommendation

Get several letters of recommendation from adults, teachers, ministers or other adults that you will need in many of your applications for scholarships. Provide the person giving you the recommendation a sheet listing:

1. Clubs to which you belong and offices held

2. Extra Curricular activities/ hobbies

3. Honors received

4. Goals after graduation from college

5. Leadership roles

This information will help them write a better recommendation for you.

College Application Essay

What are colleges looking for in your student? These links will help in crafting an essay for college applications.

Tips on Writing a College application essay

What's in a College Essay?

Other links for Preparing for College

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