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Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

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Scholarships, Scholarships, and More Scholarships!

This page will we updated periodically as new scholarships and information are received.  Check back often and watch for deadlines!

Please note:

LHS does not endorse any scholarship listed on this website.  Students and Parents are advised to read all instructions and information carefully before applying.  Our site is intended to be used as a tool to help students begin their scholarship search.  There are MANY more scholarships than what are listed on our site.  LHS does not encourage or discourage applying for the listed scholarships over other scholarships you find.  Beware of scams: Use caution before paying a company to "find" a scholarship for you.  Chances are good that they will not find more than what you could find on your own.  Pay close attention to DEADLINES!

How much does college in Texas cost?

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